CVHC Snapshot! – Willie and Tom

Central Virginia Housing Coalition plays the role of "housing locator" in the community for our partner agencies. Often barriers such as low income, less than perfect credit, and lack of knowledge on how to navigate the rental world, make it difficult to find something that fits the bill for people trying to get out of homeless situations. It is the housing locators job to work with the clients referred to them to find options they can afford. Then they walk clients through the entire process: from checking out potential units, to applying and then signing a lease!

Tom and Willie, along with two other roommates, decided to go in together on a 4 bedroom house after all residing at Thurman Brisben Homeless Shelter around the same time. House sharing gave Willie and Tom the opportunity to be independent when they would otherwise have struggled to afford rent, utilities, and other costs of living on their own. Besides cutting costs, having roommates also builds a social safety net. Through companionship and common backgrounds, people like Tom and Willie can lean on each other in times of need, and look out for each other on a daily basis.

If you want to get involved with CVHC's mission in helping people like Tom and Willie, consider participating in the Community Give - a 24 hour day of giving for nonprofits in the Fredericksburg Area. A donation of $25 will help us reach our goal of 100 gifts, and put is in the running for a $10,000 permanently endowed fund! Donate here on May 3rd:

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