Group Classes

Contact: Sarah Arnold • Tel: 540-604-9943 ext. 226

Classes are taught by a certified VAHC housing counselor and designed to take the mystery out of handling finances, including steps towards homeownership.

See the attachments below for upcoming classes:

Financial Literacy

Financial literacy This class is offered once a month and includes:
  • How to read a paycheck
  • Maximizing your budget
  • Stabilizing your financial situation
  • Credit Reporting

VHDA Homeownership

This class meets Virginia State Loan requirements and is sponsored by the VHDA
  • All potential homebuyers are welcome to attend
  • Class and materials are provided for free
  • Held on the 2nd Wednesday of each month from 9-4 (Exception: March 30, 9am-4pm)
  • Please register online through VHDA's Website

Outreach Classes

Counselors on staff are available to attend events or trainings hosted by your organization. Possible topics include:
  • Rental rates and tenant rights
  • Budgeting for the future
  • Credit repair
  • Homeownership information

Individual Counseling

Central Virginia Housing Coalition offers a variety of counseling services to community residents.

Certified Housing Counselors are on staff to help you with rental, pre-purchase and debt management. CVHC will spend the time to give personal attention to your current housing needs and help you develop a plan of action to reach your housing goal.


  • Explanation of applications process
  • Review of budget and savings
  • Discussion of moving expenses
  • Credit review


  • Review spending and savings plan
  • Review credit report(s)
  • Goal setting


  • Understand the credit report
  • Debt validation process
  • Determine steps to appropriately re-build credit

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