Who we are

Letter from the Board President, Jamie Scully

On behalf of the Board of Directors, thank you! Whether you are a client of CVHC that has received services, a donor that supports our programs financially, a local government that provides policy and funding, or a community cheerleader promoting the bigger goal of Housing Assistance, we thank you for the support that you are giving to ensure our region’s success in its ability to provide housing to all. Because of people like you, we are able to fulfill our mission in Virginia Planning District 16. Through our services, individuals and families receive assistance with housing and our community benefits exponentially. Not only are we helping our clients prepare for Homeownership, but we are helping them find temporary housing when needed. Over the past year, our services have provided over 400 families and individuals with solutions to their housing needs. We’re excited to continue our mission through upcoming activities and events and continued programs. We hope you will continue to partner with us as we serve our neighbors. Thank you again for your continued support!

Jamie A. Scully,  President

Opening Doors to Housing

Building a World Where Every Family Has Stable Housing

Central Virginia Housing Coalition is a 501c(3) non-profit organization. We work to improve the regional quality of life by providing affordable housing to low income families through coalition, education, counseling and financial assistance. Our organization began with an all-volunteer staff and one program. Today, CVHC is fully staffed and offers many programs geared towards providing affordable housing in the counties of Stafford, Spotsylvania, Fredericksburg, Caroline, and King George.

Our Community

At Central Virginia Housing Coalition, community is built of hard working clients, dedicated partner agencies, generous donors, staff and volunteers. Each and every story that you share strengthens our community and offers a glimpse as the work that is done here. Whether you are a client, a donor or a volunteer; if you have an experience you’d like to share on our website, we would love to hear from you!

Our Staff

Dee Smith
Executive Director
Ext. 212 Email

Finance Department

Ann Gallihugh
Director of Finance
Ext. 222 Email
Penny Salazar
Accounting Assistant

Counseling and Emergency Assistance

Sharon Glover
Certified Housing Counselor
Ext. 226 Email
Nancy Brice
Administrative Specialist
Certified Housing Counselor
Ext. 232 Email

Property Management

Samantha Powers
Property Manager
Ext. 215 Email
Marco Myers
Service Technician
Ext. 232 Email

Housing Choice Voucher Program

Betty Newberry
Director HCVP
( A, Bo-Bri, E, I & L )
Ext. 219 Email
Margie Himes
HCVP Housing Agent
Ext. 216 Email
Jasman Dennis
Lead HCVP Housing Agent
( BRY, N, O, S, T & Y )
Ext. 225 Email
Brian Phelps
HVCP Housing Agent
( J, R, V & W )
Ext. 214 Email
Rhonda Farnham
HCVP Housing Agent
( Be-BL, C, F, G, K & U )
Ext. 224 Email
Barbara Woodall
HCVP Housing Agent
( BRO, H, M & P )
Ext. 223 Email

HCVP Inspectors

Isiah Pressley
HQS Inspector
Ext. 217 Email
Jonathan Parker
HQS Inspector
Ext. 217 Email

Board Members

Jamie Scully President

Ben Hall Vice President

Ralph Sutton Treasurer

Becky Sperlazza Director

George Snead Director

Kevin Fastabend Director

Our Finances

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